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A Breakthrough in Dog Tub

Design and Construction!

Exceptional tubs at significantly lower prices, AND BY FAR the best warranty in the industry!

Ideal for Groomers, Self-Serve Dog Washes, Veterinary Hospitals, Boarding Facilities, Shelters/Humane Societies, Mobile Groomers, Apartment Complexes, Home Installations....

Standard Poly Pet Tub Ramp Poly Pet Tub Little Poly Pet Tub
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"Wow! They are the best tubs ever made."

"I had many people inquire about where I bought the tub, including groomers! You are awesome to deal with and I will never go back to a stainless steel tub!"

"Our tub arrived in perfect shape and we just love it! My husband tried really hard to find something wrong with it (he's an industrial designer), but he was unsuccessful. The materials and workmanship are high quality. I know we will get many years of use out of it."

"We discovered your tub by talking with a groomer who just opened her shop and bought one and loves it.  We agree that they're the nicest on the market."

"I bought one of your tubs 6 years ago. It is absolutely fabulous, which is why I'm ordering another one now!"

"I LOVE them! The groomer I hired loves them also. Everyone who's seen them so far thinks they are the beautiful. I am so glad I went with these!"

Poly Pet Tubs in SSDW

"You asked how I like my Poly Tub.....I simply LOVE IT!! I won't own another tub as long as I groom dogs! So, keep making them for me and other groomers! I am very proud to show my clients my equipment."

"I had ordered another tub that was stainless steel, then I heard all the negative reviews, but found yours!"

"I've been looking at tubs online for months and months endlessly and I'm happy I've finally made the decision I did. Honestly I've read every review on the internet and I'm pretty sure I've been to every possible online store that sells grooming tubs from east to west coast and even China....Out of all the websites and searches I always kept coming back to your site and this tub. Thanks again for your help."

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Poly Pet Tub

Professional quality tubs that offer an innovative, attractive, practical alternative to stainless steel or other materials.

Wait until you see the great features and what is included with these tubs, and for MUCH less than other premium tubs!

We also have great shipping rates (including FREE Liftgate Delivery, FREE Call-Before-Delivery, and NO residential delivery surcharge), and an Industry-Leading Warranty!

Several models are available, with or without a Complete Accessories Package which includes everything needed to make your tub ready to hook up and use.
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